hd update complete - a mountain of new plug-ins coming

we finally completed our string of mandatory HD plug-ins updates for iMovie HD. whew. this means that from january to june we had only little (if any) time to develop new plug-ins. it also means, however, that requests, suggestions, and plain new ideas kept pouring in (mostly from our customers, but also from quite unexpected sources). add to this the fact that we are currently *very* busy with dedicated customer work, and it appears that we have enough on our hands until the end of 2007. yeah!

the first new plug-in, set to debut on monday, is based on a request from some kind soul at NASA. they wanted a simple, yet more precise plug-in to adjust the size of a clip. stay tuned, and we show you what we were able to do.

Posted: Sun - June 5, 2005 at 01:45 PM