Carbon <--> Cocoa conflicts, save screenie updated

for a few weeks now we have been receiving mounting evidence that there are conflicts between Apple's Cocoa and Carbon technologies. this really should be of no interest to you, as, really, why should you care? well, the reason is that iMovie mixes Carbon and Cocoa when using plug-ins. and a conflict usually means a crash. the upshot is that plug-ins that utilize certain calls will become unstable with newer system releases. and that is really, really bad, since our plug-ins use these 'certain calls'.

we are working on trying to circumvent this problem, but it has been very, very difficult to pinpoint the problem. this is because the problem appears to be tied to the way the Mac manages memory, and the bug only appears under very specific memory configurations. as you might have guessed, Carbon (a technology developed by Apple for porting to OS X), and Cocoa (a technology Apple -- or rather, NeXT -- developed for OS X alone) use different means to manage memory. mixing two different technologies for the same purpose in a single program is begging for trouble. and it appears that OS X now delivers this trouble. in spades. and totally unpredictable. 'lujah!

on the bright side, we have updated 'savescreenie', the little app that changes the file format for screen shots. Adam C. Engst of TidBITS fame (click here) provided some excellent feedback which we have incorporated into the program. the new version should be available either by now, or very, very soon.

Posted: Sat - July 9, 2005 at 05:02 PM