14 days, 6 ports - and counting

after two weeks of porting, we have managed to bring 6 plug-ins to universal, averaging at 2.3 days per plug-in. admittedly, we are currently porting the 'core family' plug-ins, i.e. those plug-ins that share a lot of code, and only require little tweaking. other plug-ins (for example the canvas line) will doubtlessly require a lot more effort to port. over the easter week-end we plan to spend one day off (searching for easter-eggs, as the custom dictates here in switzerland), and use the rest to push at least three more plug-ins out of the door, in order to complete the first ten universal plug-ins.

feedback from you has been universally positive, turning up only one slight bug. also, our price policy (charging nothing for the upgrades, but raising the prices for new purchases) has been welcomed warmly (somewhat predictably from existing customers, but we accept praise when it is offered :-)

in any event, if you have a long week-end coming up, we hope that you enjoy it, and recommend you spend some time with our new plug-ins.

Posted: Tue - April 3, 2007 at 06:29 PM