small improvement, big effect (and bad puns)

christmas time is approaching rapidly, and with it the task of making great presents. iMovie of course is one of the best tool for doing so, and many people realize that they can produce the perfect gift for their loved ones - all they need is this or that plug-in. and thus we are happily selling lots of plug-ins to even happier customers. if only entering those keys would be easier.

truth to be told - when we embarked upon this iMovie f/x endeavor , we never imagined that we would come up with so many different ones. and therefore entering a key was not something we imagined would be a problem. now we have customers that literally purchase fifty or more plug-ins in a single purchase, and they are, ahem, not thrilled with the current registration method.

while working on our super secret new application (which, by the way, is progressing nicely), we had to re-think the whole registering process. while we did not come up with a significantly better idea, we did find a way that will make it much less tedious. take a look at the following registration dialog, that so many of you have come to dread:

now there is a new button: 'process clipboard'. the idea is that now you don't have to copy paste from the email any longer. all you need to do is to copy the whole email once, and use the clipboard for all effects. you will still have to call up the f/x sequentially, but now registering is only a single click to the 'process clipboard' button away. small improvement, big effect (ha, ha).

the bad news is that for this improvement to be of any use to you, we will have to modify, and then re-compile every single plug-in. therefore, it will take some time for this new feature to trickle down to all plug-ins, and probably only appear once we migrate to Intel.

on the other hand, because of some very insistent pleading, we will probably release some new plug-ins within the next few weeks. they will all still be based upon the old code base (and need to be ported subsequently). the new plug-ins, however, will have the simpler registration feature included.

take care,

Posted: Thu - December 1, 2005 at 09:44 PM