slow progress, but a new plug-in update inbound

progress on our migration front is still slow, but we have had a small break: as you might recall, one of the milestones for Intel migration is porting the Pascal code tree to C++, which is a major obstacle. we have begun testing a new compiler that works with XCode: Free Pascal. it's a very powerful compiler, and may be the ticket to go. there are still problems (mainly integrating Apple's C calling interface with Pascal's linker), but if we are able to use this compiler, we may have significantly less work to do. the code will still have to be ported (as even two Pascal compilers can have big differences), but it would not entitle such a big shift in programming paradigms as a re-programming in C would.

on the up side, we worked on simple rotate, and pushed this plug-in up to 2.0 level, adding HD capabilities, and a new 'smooth rotate' option for long clips.

Posted: Sun - July 24, 2005 at 09:52 AM