beat the system, not the programmer

the day after releasing our first universal plug-ins saw something interesting happening: we observed a sharp uptick in sales of some of our not yet ported plug-ins. while we expected a slight increase because of the publicity, this was something that at first looked counter-intuitive. a few days later understanding came in the form of an exasperated, if not unfriendly letter telling us to 'get out act together'. except not in such friendly words. what went wrong?
well, we always knew that our customers are smart (after all, they purchase from us). it seems that our pricing strategy (raising prices when we publish updated plug-ins, but offer the update itself for free) can be exploited in a cute way: purchase the plug-in you want now (at lower cost), and simply wait for the free update. this is called 'beating the system', and some people (us included) gain a feeling of smugness and joy when it works. the drawback here is of course that you don't know when a plug-in will be updated. this is called 'running the risk'. the trick here is not running the risk while simultaneously suffering from a short fuse - or worse: a deadline. because sending us emails demanding us to work harder, faster, and especially on the plug-in just purchased is not helping. so - if you think you are lucky - try beating the system, but please do not beat up the programmers.

Posted: Sat - April 14, 2007 at 03:48 PM