It seems that there's bad news everytime we make progress

Universal binaries inch closer, old bugs make a re-appearance.

first the good news: we have made some significant progress on the road to universal binaries. we have an empty XCode-hosted plug-in shell compiling, and are busy building the first test-bed plug-in. our road to universal looks a bit like this:

1. build X-Code hosted plug-in shell that compiles (complete)
2. re-build plug-in as a bundle-based plug-in (complete)
3. build bundle-based interface, getting rid of old resources (we are here)
4. build a fully-functional XCode-hosted plug-in
5. build the same plug-in on an intel-machine
6. debug completely
7. begin porting all other plug-ins based on previous experience

we are currently at step 3 (switching the code to bundle-based interface). it's slow progress, but we are getting there.

now for the bad news: It appears that Apple has managed to re-introduce an old bug into iMovie 6.0.3 that it solved previously: the preview-bug now once again rears it's ugly head. unless you disable the preview before you apply a plug-in, iMovie will crash. as you may remember, Apple fixed this with 6.0.1 - now it's back. and yes, the bug is inside apple's code somewhere. what a disappointment.

Posted: Mon - March 5, 2007 at 09:12 PM