how about iLife 06?

yesterday (10-jan-06) apple released a new version of iLife. as was expected, this new iLife contains a new version of iMovie. the question you may ask yourself is this: are our (cf/x) plug-ins compatible with the new iLife?
we do not know. apple is very secretive about upcoming products, and does not let (small) outside developers in on what is going on. Apple's developer support still has the same SDK (software development kit) posted (which was posted in june of 2003). this leads us to believe that yes, the plug-ins may work with iLife. they will not very likely work with the new intel macs, though. we know this because a tech note states that a native (intel) application cannot use PowerPC plug-ins. we are also not very encouraged by the growing carbon/coca compatibility problems that plague more and more plug-ins.

our own porting efforts have progressed slowly, but we are not at a point where we have a single plug-in running on an intel machine.

Posted: Wed - January 11, 2006 at 11:36 AM