New prices coming. are we going to charge *you*?

it was a difficult question, and one we took a long time to answer: how do we price the upgraded (universal) plug-ins? keep the price? increase it? and if we increase it to cover for the additional amount of work that has gone into them, are we going to charge past customers for the upgrade? or perhaps have them re-purchase all their plug-ins because we think that the changes are great enough to warrant this?

well, here is what we have decided upon:
- although significant changes occurred, we do not believe in double-charging our customers. we are not 'big software' but 'fun software' for artists.
- we will increase the price of each plug-in that is upgraded to universal.
- people who have purchased a plug-in can upgrade for free. no upgrade fee, no re-purchase
- people who purchase a plug-in after it has been upgraded will have to pay the new price

that way we believe we can reward customers who already have purchased from us. thank you for your trust, and for your support!

Posted: Sat - March 17, 2007 at 08:44 PM