...aaaaaaaand that's a plug-in!

step 4 (build a fully-functional XCode-hosted plug-in) complete!

well, it was a difficult week, but at the end we have something to show for it:

need we say more? the plug-in fully compiles in XCode, is bundle-based, and sports some interface enhancements:
- on-line documentation from within the plug-in
- NTSC, PAL, and HD live switching
- movable (as many, many people have requested)
- always-live preview

we have also decided to slightly raise the minimal requirements: you now need at least 1024x768 resolution to run the plug-in.

next stop: compile on intel. this will take a bit longer, as we have to cross-compile, and cross-test. switching between two environments, always re-compiling and re-testing on two architectures is going to be trying. and we expect to hit a few difficult road-blocks, as the Intel-processors are low-endian, and video processing will be affected by this.

but for now we'll be enjoying the week-end.

Posted: Fri - March 16, 2007 at 07:39 PM