yessss! - 'simple caption' has come to universal...

... but the road there was rocky indeed. in the end, we had to resort to a complete re-write of the plug-in. our 'old' version relied heavily on QuickDraw and QuickTime, which do not play well with newer systems (even though simple caption was spared the fate of our chromakey line, which crashes and burns on many Macs with newer systems). still, we upgraded to Core Graphics (throwing out compatibility with older systems than 10.4 this time), and in that course were able to implement many of the things we always wanted to, but couldn't (font spacing among them).
it also presented us with a lot of new challenges, as cross-compiling (PowerPC to Intel) can become quite challenging when you tread on newer ground (for example CoreGraphics), where the API is less well tested than the classic frameworks. also, the new version drops support for non-postscript fonts, an issue that has left us scratching our heads. Quartz/CoreGraphics should be able to support these, but we are currently unable to make it work. perhaps in a later version will we restore compatibility with legacy fonts.
that was also the reason it took us so long to port a technically relatively simple plug-in - and a plug-in that, mind you, in the past few weeks was responsible for almost half of all 'urgent requests' to us for a speedy port. a short note on that: please don't request this. we port as fast as we can, but some issues take their time. resolving an arcane compiler bug in an untested environment was no fun at all, and gave rise to (perhaps justified) doubts in our sanity.
one thing we are proud of is the improved user interface for this plug-in. this was an issue that in the past has crept up regularly, and when we decided to make simple caption a complete re-write, we took the time to re-design the way text positioning and sizing works. we have integrated a lot of your feedback into this, and hope that you like it.

have a nice sunday!
your cf/x team

Posted: Sat - May 19, 2007 at 08:01 PM