a whole week down the drain

for a week now we have tried to get our QuickTime movie media core to work with iMovie. the problem that is haunting chromakey and multiple movies is now in full sight. somewhere in QuickTime, there is an ugly bug, and for a whole week now we have tried to program around it. the problem is during application of the plug-in: iMovie calls the plug-in three times concurrently: once to apply to the plug-in, once to create a thumbnail for the clip, and once to create the preview. and QuickTime really, doesn't like that, crashing badly.

after coming up with a series of brilliant, but in the end ineffective work-arounds, we have for the moment conceded the ground to the bug, and turned our attention to other plug-ins that need porting. but we will get this one sorted out.

Posted: Sat - April 28, 2007 at 03:27 PM